Foxconn and Underage Employees

As a toll electronic components manufacturer, Foxconn has a lot to be proud of, with the entity subcontracted by internationally respected brands like Apple and Nintendo in producing components for their products.

However, reports from Reuters note that Foxconn actually employs children as its production facilities personnel, a fact which Foxconn itself is reported to have confessed to.

Foxconn and Underage Employees
Given that Foxconn is hailed to be the “largest contract-based electronics manufacturer in the world”, its factories in China have been under strict scrutiny by labor rights organizations and activists.

Investigations revealed that its facilities in Yantai employed “interns” as its service personnel, with children as young as 14 years old working for them. Given that labor laws in China cap the working age limit at 16 years old, Foxconn’s move in hiring workers as young as 14 years old is attributed to its need to cover for its workforce shortage.

With reports noting that the organization opted to hire minors in response to its 19,000 workforce demand, the organization has admitted to the error.

“We recognize that full responsibility for these violations rests with our company and we have apologized to each of the students for our role in this action,” said Foxcoon in its official statement regarding the matter.

“It is also a violation of Foxconn policy and immediate steps have been taken to return the interns in question to their educational institutions.”

As an electronics manufacturer, Foxconn’s ties with Apple is quite established, along with its relationship with Nintendo in mass producing its Wii U gaming console. How the news of the entity’s link with underage personnel affecting Apple and Nintendo’s standing is too soon to tell.

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