Free Download for These Top 8 Useful and Underestimated Applications for iGadgets

free downloadable igadget apps

There are currently several hundred thousand apps available for your iGadget, whether that’s an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Surprisingly, many of the most useful apps are completely free to download. Here is a summary of eight of the most useful and underestimated iGadgets.

Stay fit with a free app

RunKeeper is a fantastic app for the fitness enthusiasts among you. This was previously divided into free and pro versions, however the app developer decided to combine the features of the two in one single, free app. For those on a budget who are opting for SIM only deals and don’t want to spend a fortune on apps, RunKeeper is perfect. This app is used in conjunction with the GPS facility on iPhone devices to track cycling or jogging routes and take note of the amount of calories burned. Activities can then be shared with others online and details of gym routines can also be recorded with this handy little app.

Boost productivity

For those who want to get organised, Evernote is the perfect app. It can help the user keep track of the things they need to do and can be used across a range of Apple devices. You can save your ideas, keep organised and improve your overall productivity. Some of the features of this app include a facility for recording audio reminders, creating to-do lists and taking notes. To top it all off, you can also sync your iGadgets, so the list you write on your iPhone can also be read on your iPad.

The beauty of iGadgets lies in their mobility, so it’s only logical to have an app which makes your photos, videos and documents more mobile too. Dropbox is an app that allows you to save almost any kind of file to your iGadget and then access that file from an iPad, iPhone, iMac or iPod Touch. This provides users with access to the files on their computers no matter where they happen to be. Links to files can also be shared and sent to others.

iPhone users who are fed up of typing on the device’s tiny virtual keyboard will love the Dragon Dictation app, which records your speech and converts your words into text. It’s extremely accurate and, best of all, free to download. You can even add punctuation and when you’ve dictated your message, this app allows you to share it on Twitter and Facebook.

Creativity at your fingertips

Shazam is a nifty little app which appears deceptively simple when first used. You hold your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch close to a source of music, after which the app will record the tune and tell you the name of the artist and song. This is great for music lovers who don’t want to miss out on discovering a new favourite musician.

For budding musicians out there, TonePad is a must-have app. This provides one of the easiest ways to compose music on the go. You can create songs by touching the screen on your iPad or iPhone and watch as the notes light up and play. The songs composed by the user can then be shared with his friends. This app has a nice clean interface and the sound quality is brilliant, regardless of how many notes are being played at once. There’s also unlimited storage space for songs.

Anyone who travels frequently will find the Word Lens app incredibly useful, as it provides users with a real-time translation service. Simply point the iPhone at, for example, a menu in Spanish and this app will translate the text on the spot.

For iGadget users who love photography, Photosynth is a brilliant app. This makes it easy to capture those everyday moments and share images of your favourite events, people and places. You can make panoramas up and down, or from left to right, in order to create a spherical shape. After you’ve created your Photosynth image, you can share it with friends and family on Twitter or Facebook.

These are just some of the of apps available for iGadgets. There’s an incredibly diverse range to choose from and although the sheer amount of choice can be overwhelming, it’s worth spending a few hours looking for apps that suit your lifestyle.

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