Free iPhone On August 22nd !

Want a free iPhone? Rush on over to Best Buy Mobile on Monday, August 22nd and you can get an iPhone 3GS completely free with “two-year activation.”

Free iPhone 3GS :

As you in the above picture that posted on technobuffalo , this sign clearly advertises a one day only Best Buy Mobile deal on AT&T’s iPhone 3GS: Free with “2-year activation,” Monday August 22 only.

Previous Free iPhone 3GS Offer :

While this isn’t the first time the 3GS has been given away with a new contract, iPhone sales are still relatively rare. And this in a world where most phones’ carrier prices are slashed by third-party retailers almost immediately after they go on sale. So while this may just be part of a “One Day Only!” blowout sale at BBYM – one that could include deals on other phones as well – it could also be a way for the retailer to clear out remaining iPhone 3GS inventory in preparation for the impending iPhone 5 launch. Or iPhone 5 and “iPhone Lite Cheaper Version” launches, plural, if you subscribe to that theory.

iPhone 3GS Photo: