Future 3G FaceTime Charges?

Though far from being an official build, the iOS 6 Beta had been rolled out, geared in facilitating and addressing future bugs and concerns related to the features and highlights sported by the new iOS version.

As to be expected, a number of speculations regarding the beta and its eventual official release features have then come up, with one raising the issue of online access charges and service feature use.

An error message encountered by beta version users of the mobile operating system has recently led to a number of speculations, pretty much summed in one phrase: the new iOS 6 may come with operator charges for 3G FaceTime use

The message reads “To enable FaceTime over cellular on this account, contact AT&T at 611”, which pops up when a user tries to use FaceTime on AT&T’s 3G network.

AT&T has yet to issue an official statement directly resolving the concerns related to the error message, but has been quoted to say that it is “working closely with Apple on the new developer build.”

The said error message bears similarities when the “Personal Hotspot” feature of an iPhone when it is enabled, leading many to assume that FaceTime calls over 3G networks are going to be charged by mobile service carriers.

In 2010, when FaceTime was initially launched, Steve Jobs noted that 3G calls over FaceTime is one area which Apple had to “work a little bit with cellular providers”, in enabling the setup to work.

With the recently discovered error message in the latest iOS 6 Beta, many are inclined and convinced that 3G calls over FaceTime will have “call meters” when used.

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