Gameloft’s Iron Man 3 game for the iOS

As the subject of mobile games based after hit blockbuster films isn’t anything new, the availability of the new Iron Man 3 game title for the iOS doesn’t exactly come as big news, with just cause.

Developed by Gameloft, the game takes its title from the same movie, bringing players to the world as experienced by Tony Stark.

Working on the “endless running game” premise, the title can’t be described as spectacular, nor can it be banded as not worth one’s time.

Iron Man
Simply put, the game works in sating the interests of casual gamers, but isn’t “hard core” enough to actually cause a dent in the overall standards in the mobile gaming arena.

But far from being a sub-par game, Iron Man 3 for the iOS boasts superior graphics, effectively allowing its players to be Tony Stark himself. Featuring 3 discoverable locations, the game also feature’s unique access to Iron Man’s power, accomplished via responsive swipe controls/gestures.

Also featuring unique animations, its 3D graphic renders are also quite solid, proving to work to the title’s overall advantage.

However, as already mentioned, the game’s overall premise as a game – in terms of its gameplay value and standing as a movie title-inspired game – isn’t all that revolutionary, but is certainly worth one’s while to give a go.

If the prospect of playing another round of Subway Surfer, Rail Rush or Temple Run is no longer as enticing as it used to be, give the new Iron Man 3 by Gameloft a go.

The game may not exactly change your world, but it certainly won’t shatter it in the process.

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