Gear4 Angry Birds Mini Speaker Review

After playing around with the Gear4 Angry Birds mini speaker from, I’m more than certain I am in a good position to come up with a well informed review of sorts.

Gear4 Angry Birds Mini Speaker
First Impressions

When it arrived a couple of weeks ago, I was somewhat disappointed by fact that the package weighed almost nothing. I was like, “Hmm… Typical made-in-you-know-where electronic product that’s made of cheap plastic and what have you”.

Although the packaging was neat and of good quality and opened the package I went and I said, “Yup! Typical…”.

The mini speaker was so light I had to convince my 4 year old son multiple times that this isn’t a toy! Of course he still played with it regardless and that’s a plus for this product because it sure looks adorable and the details of it are great.

I can probably imagine you reading this with your o_O look by now. Well, that’s actually what how I would some-up my initial impressions to be honest.

Sound Quality

Seconds after opening this, I immediately plugged it into my smartphone and played some tracks. The summary of this part is…. —–>   :(   <——–

Then again, I said, “typical”.

It sounded like 50% lesser in quality and power to the Galaxy S2 built-in speakers.

Then wify came. Said the speaker looks lovely and what not and I told her it doesn’t sound too good and when she tried it on her N8, she had no choice but to agree.

Then she started checking out the paper/manual (sorry I don’t read those!) and started playing around with the product and boom she “pulled” the speaker to its now “stretched” or “opened” position and voila! 3x more power! 3x more quality than your mobile phone’s built-in speakers!


If you ever get a hold of such an adorable Angry Bird mini speakers, you won’t be listening to built-ins ever since.

Here are the breakdown as to the why:

•    You’ll be amazed at how much power and quality sound you’ll be getting from such a small (and did I mention adorable?) form factor. It’s just overall so cute and light (ok after wify figured out you needed to “open” this device, I don’t really care about it being nearly weightless which in my “older” mind would translate to cheap materials) that you won’t mind using it as a keychain or mobile chain of sorts. In fact, my son used it like so for awhile.
•    Although the material is nothing but plastic, the build quality of this small device is AAA+! You can’t see anything on it that’s a “little off” which is quite common these days as most devices like so are made-in-you-know-where for all the good “business” reasons. I just love how neatly snagged this speaker is that you can’t recognize its purpose when you tack in the wire at the bottom.
•    It’s a RED ANGRY BIRD! Nuff said.

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