GeoHot is coming back with a BootRoom to exploit the new Apple chip A5: Finally we have the initial progress of the jailbreak of the iPad 2

As you all know, the iPad 2 includes the new dual-core processor A5 BootRoom which Apple has not yet been “washing” and is therefore not possible to run the jailbreak. In a recent tweet p0sixninja said that there has been no progress regarding the release and almost feels the lack of GeoHot.

Obviously, the tweet was sarcastic by Joshua Hill, but GeoHot, famous for his huge ego, seems to have interpreted it in another way and launched a provocation that could pave the way for a challenge. Anyone Haun on Twitter will have noticed that since yesterday because so many people continue to enter the hashtags # GeohotComeBack and in fact most people will continue to do so, the more satisfied the ego of the young hacker and thus assist in his return.

According Veence to accept such a challenge is well established that GeoHot be back on track, releasing the A5 processor forever, with consequent benefits for the iPhone 5. Finally things are starting to move and we just have to watch the evolution, to understand which of the two (and GeoHot p0sixninja) will release the first program able to run the Jailbreak of the iPad 2.

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