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iGlow for iPhone 4

Last week we posted about the iTattoo which was basically an iPhone cover with different designs to make your iPhone stand out. Today we have something new for you.The new Portuguese company called iLoja has made a new iPhone look. They call it iGlow. This is a new model which you can get for your iPhone 4 rear panel with a glowing Apple logo on the back.

We have found this video to show you the model in real life:

Isn’t that impressive? Well we at SmachiPhone are very interested in the new mod, and I’m sure you’ll get even more interested when you find out that you can get this cover right now. If you are in Braga or Lisbon you can go to iLoja and get your iGlow for €79. However, for international purchases you need to pre-order your iGlow from their website at iLoja for the same price only adding to it the price of shipping.

iGlow has been known to increase the battery consuption by 1%, but you can manage the brightness of the iLogo using the settings app. You may also be interested to know that  iGlow is interactive with all functions including SMS, calls, and etc.

iGlow will increase the battery consumption by 1%. You can manage the brightness of iLogo using the brightness option in the Settings app. You can also reverse the iGlow in case you didn’t like it. iGlow is interactive with all functions including SMS, calls, and etc.

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