Gmail Issues with iPhone & iPad

Reports of issues related to the use or access of Gmail via iDevice mobiles had recently come up, standing to be the cause of concern and the root of problems for many iPhone and iPad users.

With Gmail’s standing as Google’s enhanced email communication service, the situation has been somewhat verified by Google as a fact, with a mass notification announcement announcing that a fix is currently under way.

Based on a report coming from All Things D, a set of temporary workaround solutions that facilitate the access to Gmail via iPhones/iPads is currently available for users to implement, something to the tune of an internum solution while a real fix is being authored.

The said issue is noted to inform iPhone users that “mail service is not responding”, when an iDevice user tries to access Gmail via mobile iOS means. To date, a number of speculations note that the issue is one that lies between Google’s Mail services and Apple’s Mail service features.

Other theories touch up on an issue related to the use of the iOS’ default web browser, Safari, with a number of reports also noting that installing Gmail’s dedicated for-iOS-use App works as a solution to the current situation.

As already mentioned, Google is currently looking into the problem, and will be coming out with updates on the fix as the days trail on.

Given how many have come to depend on Gmail’s enhanced email correspondence, conversation-styled email inbox, the accessibility problem for iPhone users has caused significant issues and concerns for Gmail users since Friday.


  1. Catherine Paull says:

    This has been a problem for my boss since last Wednesday. Does anyone know if there is a way to report this to Gmail/Google? Is it helpful for them to know how long this has been a problem? Is it helpful for them to know how widespread it is?

    • Hi Catherine! Thanks for dropping by. The thing is, there isn’t really a Gmail support number or a Google support number now is there? It’s important for us to keep spreading the news so it would become widespread enough for them to notice and maybe do something about it. :)

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