Goblin Defenders: Steel’n Wood: A “Tower Defense” Game with a Twist

As a “tower defense” game, Goblin Defenders: Steel’n Wood takes a dynamic, proactive take in how gameplay experiences with such game genres are at their highest of peaks.

With most games of its class entailing attacks coming from one direction, Goblin Defenders: Steel’n Wood offers something more, requiring its players to defend themselves from hordes attacking from all angles at the same time!

Goblin Defenders Steel 'n' Wood
Developed by Alawar Entertainment Inc, the game highlights four unique environments and in-game maps, with a set of difficulty control options that can be calibrated to its player’s liking.

Also featuring a range of monster enemies and five boss monsters, Goblin Defenders players are also given the choice of utilizing a varied range of weapons, including the utilization of gems for special powers and power ups.

With unlockable content and specials, level ups are a part of Goblin Defender’s in-game highlights, including tower upgrades and tower enhancements. The game also highlights links to local and online scoreboards, truly immersing its players into their competitive frame of mind.

Goblin Defenders also features extra bonus rounds inclined to help its players earn more gold and points.

While its overall gameplay premise is not entirely complicated, the title is certainly far from being simple as a “tower defense” game.

Developed for iPhones and iPads, iDevice gamers who are keen on testing their strategy gaming skills are in for a lot of action with Goblin Defenders: Steel’n Wood, where being lax can lead to drastic results.

To some extent, the game is just how all “tower defense” games should be.

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