Good News for iPhone 5 Users: Super Friendly Apps Up For Grabs

Ever had those bad days when you got tagged photos of you that were quite unflattering, resulting to resentment, just because of your friend’s insensitive post? What about offending a “Lia” whom you called “Leo” many times over on the phone? What about appearing to be so ungrateful just because you have forgotten to send that precious “thank you” message? What about breaking a friendly chit-chat just to read a text message? It’s undeniable… more and more phone users are becoming less and less personal and polite. What has become of good manners, courtesy and pleasant behavior that were all taught to us the years past? Technology ought to reinforce norms and not produce an arrogant brood of techie freaks.

Well, here’s good news: You better bid goodbye to those bad hair days, impolite ways and ungracious manners! Say hello to iPhone’s self-improvement apps that can virtually turn things around with a touch of a button. Be a better person, influence more and stay on top of every situation that comes your way through these amazing applications that can make you cooler and better!

Perfect Photo App – The name speaks for itself! It’s all about perfect photos! Perfect photo is your ultimate photo editor for quick, powerful and user-friendly image editing on iPhone. Definitely no more lousy pics that make your day!

Namerick – It’s a one-of-a kind app that never scrambles a name for another name. Remembering names is one of the ways to make people like you. If you don’t want to look and sound rude, remember names and it will make a big difference.

Thank You Pen – Get more personal even when technology, sometimes show otherwise. With this friendly app, you can get a custom card with a handwritten look. Stay personally connected through this friendly app and you will feel much better.

You do not have to appear rude to others even though you did not mean it. With this, super-friendly apps, anyone will like you from a distance! Now, talk about how to win friends and influence people, huh, Mr. Carnegie?

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