Google in the process of developing an app launcher for Macs

Gone are the days when specific-brand developers only catered to a specific segment of the market, with products by Microsoft found to be compatible for the Apple products, and services by Google made available in Microsoft and Apple’s featured wares.

The newest upcoming addition to the ongoing cross-platform trend appears to be Google Chrome’s app launcher, designed for the Mac OS X ecosystem.

Google in the process of developing an app launcher for Macs
Featured in an iMore report, Google’s Google Chrome team is currently working on an app launcher that is currently in its Beta stage.

The launcher essentially allows users to call for specific computer operation-based actions through its use, bearing Google Chrome’s “Web-based tiles” as its primary difference against other launcher offerings for the system.

As an integral component in the Mac OS X system, the OS’ launcher allows for quick one-click actions in the launching of applications or the opening of certain windows. Built with customization features, Mac OS X users have the choice of configuring their launchers to suit with their operations and navigations-related needs, making it a functional and attractive component of the system.

With Google’s Google Chrome team working on a launcher for the system, it appears that the search engine-and-Android giant is keen on extending its presence beyond the internet and Android-smartphone bounds.

Having been successful in practically dominating the global mapping and positioning arena with its Google Maps, it appears that Google is bound to have a lot in store, as it extends its reach and presence in the world’s overall digital landscape.

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