Google joins in commemorating the death of Steve Jobs

Google has joined in commemorating Steve Jobs, the Apple co-founder and the father of many brilliant ideas and devices that have improved the technology over the years. If you go on their page you will find a tribute to Steve Jobs on their home page.

Steve Jobs was a great leader, inventor and a human being above all. His death came as a chock to many of us as we had heard rumors that he might be making an appearance in the Lets Talk iPhone event and thought that he must be getting better. First he did not make an appearance and then news of his death came as an even bigger shock.

We heard that his influence was in the new iPhone 4S features, and I guess this could be the last of his influence that we will see. Everyone that worked with him vouched for him as a leader and inspiration. He is someone that will be greatly missed.

Many of Steve Jobs admirers and those who appreciated his contributions to the world gathered outside the Apple Store on New York City’s Fifth Avenue. They placed flowers, candles, notes and apples to show their respect to Steve Jobs.

People started to gather once the news of Steve Jobs death was out, on Wednesday night and the number of people started to increase  as the news started to spread.

If you are any where near there you might want to give them a visit and join in remembering this great man.


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