Google Maps for the new iPhone (iOS 6) finally rolled out

As the new Google Maps for the iPhone 5 and its iOS 6-driven siblings finally rolled out, the release bodes a mix of reactions, combining a sigh of relief for iOS 6 users who had experienced problems with Apple’s well known failure in Apple Maps, matched with critiques hailing from different sources noting that it is Google who essentially turns out as the victor in the scenario.

When the iOS 6 and iPhone 5 initially rolled out, the system came without any support for Google’s mapping software/service, but did come with Apple’s own mapping/software service, a setup which doesn’t come as strange news for Apple.

Given its reputation for offering its own service/software variants, Maps had unfortunately failed Apple, resulting to a public apology from its CEO in relation to how badly received the service was.

Now that Google Maps for the iPhone 5 and iOS 6 had rolled out, analysts are noting that the whole setup stands to be more of a “win” for Google, even though the service is more tuned for the convenience of Apple device users.

In fact, the now-availability of Google Maps for the iPhone 5 and iOS 6 is mostly perceived as a karmic lesson for Apple, with various posts in social networks and message boards talking about how inept and greedy Apple had been in launching an inferior service over the trusted and established service offered by its main competitor.

What say you, iOS 6 and iPhone 5 user? Think the sentiments prevailing around Google Maps for the iOS 6 is well put?

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