Google Now for the iPhone and iPad

The Google-branded Google Now is no longer an exclusive feature for Android-driven devices, with the recent release of the Google Now search feature for the iPhone and iPad.

Google Now for the iPhone and iPadNot to be mistaken as a stand-alone app, iPhone and iPad users can avail of Google Now’s enhanced search functionalities by installing Google Search app, with the new Google Now included in the app’s features and functions set. Compatible iDevice owners who already have the Google Search app installed will simply have to update their applications list, to avail of Google Now’s featured services.

As a service, Google Now is positioned as a search assistant, with Google Now for compatible iDevices designed to facilitate voice-based searches.

The service also allows for immersed queries to be resolved with accurate responses, with Google Now capable of answering questions like “Will I need an umbrella this weekend?” or “Who’s the cast of the latest movie starring Tom Cruise?”

Originally an Android-exclusive feature, the reasons as to why Google had opted to extend Google Now’s reach to the iOS platform is among the most talked about topics in online threads and forums.

The iOS platform’s user base is often raised as the primary reason, with Google keen on reaching out to the advertising and marketing prospects in tapping iDevice owners.

Regardless of the reasons why Google Now’s functional search features are available in iPhones and iPads, iDevice users now have a nifty search assistant option to call upon for immersed and engaged questions and queries.

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