Google taking over WhatsApp revealed to be untrue

Last time, we talked about ongoing rumors of Google having intentions of taking over WhatsApp, one of the world’s biggest and more well known cost-effective SMS replacement suites.

whatsapp-googleWith more and more mobile internet subscribers taking advantage of available app-service options like WhatsApp, the prospects in a Google-WhatsApp takeover can’t be dubbed as something trivial, thus the reason why the rumor went viral.

However, it appears that the rumor is simply just that, a rumor.

Talking to All Things D, Neeraj Arora, head of business development for WhatsApp, noted that the rumors of Google buying out WhatsApp is not true.

Based on the circulating rumors, it is noted that Google was seriously considering buying WhatsApp for $1 billion, to integrate its overall functional features across Google’s diverse Google-branded portfolio.

Various sources indicate that the initial instance of a Google-WhatsApp takeover started with a report published by Digital Trends. That, or the Digital Trends report was mentioned in All Things D’s featured report.

Long story short, the rumors of a Google-WhatsApp takeover has finally been taken down, left simply as a rumor.

However, the fact that WhatsApp is intent on implementing a subscription based service model for its iOS variant remains to be true, with iPhone and iPad WhatsApp users advised to take note of any upcoming advisories or announcements from the company.

By implementing a subscription based service model for WhatsApp for the iOS, WhatsApp essentially brings the service in line with how it is marketed in the Android, Blackberry and Windows mobile platforms.

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