Google Taking on Wireless Carriers ?

Google has been known to try its hand at different markets other that its original market which was search engines. We’ve seen them from desktops to cell phone software to everything in between.

When all that isn’t enough to satisfy the mighty search giant, the company is now claimed to be looking into the cell phone carrier market. Reports have been given that Google is testing an MVNO service in Spain

MVNO is short for Mobile Virtual Network Operator, it is basically a carrier that leases bandwidth from larger networks. It is predicted that Google is already deeply involved in the testing process as you can see in the image above they have already started to produce a Google-branded SIM. So it looks like it wont be long before Google invades yet another market.

Google is of course known in the service providing industry and is known to have been testing fiver-to-the-home ISP service for over a year. This along with services like Google Talk and Google Wallet, things for the company seem to be getting more interesting.

While on the topic of MVNO, there have been rumors that Apple has aldo been investigating this market, but there has been no actual evidence to back up this rumor,


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