Google’s Google Play Music All Access coming to iOS

Google, during the course of the D11 conference held his week, announced its plans of featuring Google Play All Access to the iOS platform, apart from rolling out in other mobile operating systems.

Announced by senior vice president for Android, Sundar Pichai, the service is essentially viewed as Google’s answer to popular music-streaming services like Spotify and Pandora.

Google Multiplatform Chief Sundar Pichai at D11 on the Evolution of Openness
As a service, Google Play Music All Access works on a subscription based business model, allowing account users/subscribers unlimited access to different songs spread across different music genres.

The service was initially announced in this year’ Google I/O Developers Conference, apart from the different talks and discussions covering Google’s intent on beefing up its support for mobile gaming development, apps and trends.

It has to be said that the Google Play Music All Access announcement comes at a timely period, given the ongoing rumors of Apple intent on launching “iRadio”, an Apple-branded music-subscription service bearing similar features found in Spotify and in Pandora.

With Apple’s “iRadio” expected to roll out “this summer”, talk of a music-streaming service battle against key players involved in the industry is viewed by many as an imminent reality.

With more and more electronic consumers opting for the use of smartphones and tablets in the purchasing and access to digital content, the realms of digital distribution is certainly bound for a lot of changes in the upcoming months, with two of the IT industry’s major players, Google and Apple, having their take in offering users access to digital media.

Should Google’s and Apple’s streaming services roll out, which are you most likely going to subscribe to?

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