Great Apps That Are Perfect For Dads

It’s not yet Father’s day by the way, but here are some great apps from his smartphone that you might want to consider giving your dad or suggesting to your dad. He may be not so techie, but his gadgets can prove otherwise. Make him love his smartphone even more with these great smartphone apps for keeps:

Great Apps That Are Perfect For Dads
Golfcard App – If your dad loves the greeneries and pastures as he tread on a lush green grass while playing golf, then he will surely love the GolfCard app. This app allows him to keep tracks of scores and stats from the club he visited. This great app is just perfect for a golf-lover like your Dad!

CBS Sports App – Whatever sports, this app provides up to date news and reports of what is going on at the NFL, NBA, MLB , tennis, swimming, golf and other sports. There are available scores and recorded videos on the different games so dad will not be out of touch.

Bloomberg App – Does you dad ever wonder what seems to go on at Wall Street and other investment sites? The Bloomberg App makes it possible for him to the check the latest economic and financial status.

Madden NFL 12 – Because the football season is here, he sure can’t miss the fun and excitement. With this app he can have football all year round. He can also play with someone via Bluetooth.

Wi-Fi Finder – If he is always on the go and travels a lot, he can easily use this app to find Wi-Fi spots in more than 100 countries around the world. It works through the GPS on a smartphone and lists all the Wi-Fi within a certain radius, both free and not.

Trapster – Riding and driving can be much easier minus the accidents, road conditions and other detour or slowdown routes. With the Trapster App, dad can feel more in control of the ride by anticipating what is to come while on the road. Commuting is more relaxed with this app.

There are still a lot of apps that are just perfect for Dad. The list can go on but for now, this may be the topmost of all apps, of course, depending on your Dad’s likes and dislikes.

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