Griffin Technology announces the TechSafe for your iPad 2

Are you worried about your iPad? Are you watching it like a eagle scared that it could get damaged or stolen? Then we may just have a solution for you.We have all heard that Griffin Technology has announced the TechSafe Case for iPad 2. This is a protective polycarbonate case that has a 4-digit combination lock and cable system.

It was quoted about the case:

“The TechSafe Case is the ideal solution to protect your iPad 2 while on the go,” said Matt Brown, Director of Category Management at Griffin Technology. “It takes only a few seconds to lock down your iPad, and it removes any opportunity for theft.” 

Of course if you think about it this TechSafe is the best for schools, offices, and other public settings where users are likely to leave their iPads unattended and that could lead to theft or damage. This new design is better suited that the SecureBack case that we heard about a few weeks back. We have also received claims that it could also be more secure and have better protection.

The case has a foldout stand for typing and tapping, and another for using the iPad in a landscape orientation. The case allows access to the 30-pin connector, volume rocker, and power and home buttons. Griffin even has a service that stores you 4-digit number on their website just in case you forget you will still be able to get hold of it.

The TechSafe Case is being sold on Amazon for $79.99. Click here to be able to go directly and buy it.



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