Growl: A Notifications Center alternative, with a plus

Mac OS X users are quite familiar with Notifications Center, the operating system’s consolidated junction point for real time updates and notifications.

But while the utility affords users with a timely and relevant tool that keeps them updated with new messages, system alerts and more, Growl remains to be the top a must-have utility that gets the job done, with a wide range of third-party developed apps even known to have automatic links to the suite’s notification capacities.

Though the utility is not exactly different from Notifications Center in terms of its overall scope and function, it does highlight nifty features not found in the Mac OS X bundled utility.


For one, Growl affords users with a skinnable and resizable Notifications Center alternative, making it more personable and customizable to fit with the particulars and quirks of its users. Also, apart from its customizable features, the utility can be linked with the OS X’s built-in voice synthesizer engine, making its alert and inform function more intuitive to what users need.

It can even be utilized as a “proxy” in sending already organized notifications to the bundled Notifications Center app.

The utility also highlights support for history searches, and can even be configured to work with two or more Macs though its forward notifications support. The suite can also seamlessly function in iPads and iPhones though the use of another utility known as Prowl.

Long story short, if you feel that your Mac’s Notifications Center has some gaps left lacking, its time you gave Growl a go.

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