GTA San Andreas iOS edition, announced

GTA fans, here some good news for you: Rockstar Games, makers of the eponymous Grand Theft Auto series, recently announced the upcoming release of GTA San Andreas for the iOS, Android and Windows Phone mobile platforms.

Announced to be available by December this year, the title essentially comes after the successful release of GTA III and GTA Vice City for mobile devices, practically bringing the GTA gameplay experience to the mobile ecosystem.


Though the GTA San Andreas announcement’s details regarding its release date and price are sketchy, it’s been announced that the ported version of the game is set to come with enhanced for mobile devices graphics, an intuitive user navigation and control system and a more streamlined graphics rendering value that’s less “stuckier” than the title’s original versions.

As one of the leading game titles of the PS2 era, GTA San Andreas is expected to be no different from the mobile ports of GTA III and GTA Vice City, though there are a number of debates and arguments revolving around the real-time rendering requirements the title would impose on an A5 chip – the chip found running older gen iPhones and iPads.

Though it has to be said that the upcoming title is a ported version of the original game, there are many who are convinced that its overall hardware requirements would be too high for a number of iDevices, owing to the higher hardware specifications the original GTA San Andreas required over its predecessors.

What say you? Think an iPhone 4 would have problems running the upcoming GTA San Andreas for iOS?

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