Gum Rock Bluetooth Suction Bluetooth Speaker – Perfect for Pranks or Your Music

The Gum Rock is more than ready to surprise anybody – unless of course your used to a B&W or that your ears are as sensitive as a wolverine.

This li’l fella spells fun all over it and it does more than deliver in terms of volume and quality output.

You will find yourself loving the suction capability especially in watching movies on your tablets as this speaker will reliably give your device a sturdy stand along with around twice the volume of your stock speakers.
Gum Rock Bluetooth Suction Bluetooth Speaker
I however, found a much better use for the Gum Rock – to scare whoever goes to the bathroom or to summon the most epic farts amongst friends!

How I did all of this is something I’ll have to leave to your imagination but I’m certain you won’t find it hard to decipher given the Gum Rock’s features. J

Given this is a Bluetooth device, I have to mention that it had no problems at all synching with the 5 devices we’ve tested so I don’t find any reason you’ll have a problem with that department.

It charges via USB – around a couple of hours of it.

Wrapping it up, as Bluetooth speakers go, I’m quite impressed with the overall quality and functionality of the Gum Rock so much so that this is the first thing that comes to my mind when I have to recommend a Bluetooth device. It just makes sense, don’t you think?

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