Handling Preliminary Enquiries Over The Phone

Even preliminary enquiries need to be handled correctly when dealing with customers over the phone. In most cases it is the customer’s first time in contacting the particular company.

It is of paramount importance that any situation with regards to customers gets handled as courteously, respectfully and professionally as possible. This needs to be done in a timely and appropriate manner that will leave the customer feeling satisfied knowing that they are in the hands of professionals.

Customer’s First Impressions

The first impressions are always the most important as it can leave the customer feeling needed and it creates a definite desire to contact the relevant company in the future.

On the other hand if preliminary queries get brushed off as unimportant the customer will become disillusioned and most probably let others know about their bad experience as well.

With the arrival of the internet, it is easy for the reputation of your company to be harmed as news can spread quickly..

Something as simple as to what are your opening hours and what services you provide need to be answered in a courteous and professional manner. If not handled correctly it may lead to the customer thinking that an unprofessional approach to small issues will spill over into bigger issues and therefore they may have second thoughts about doing business with your company.

Effective Telephone Training is Essential

Proper phone skills are essential to the survival of any business and even more so when it comes to what might be considered trivial matters that any person could answer about the company in question.

Companies like Telephone Systems Direct provide free phone training skills to telephone staff that deal with some of the following important telephone skills:


  • Quick response time and a warm greeting that is appropriate and professional
  • Following proper message taking procedures
  • The need to constantly brief staff on important issues that will affect both the company and the customer
  • Proper recording methods such as correct data being captured that will lead to a positive experience by the customer
  • Understanding the customer’s needs at first contact
  • First call resolution
  • Protecting the customer’s private information
  • Checking for proper understanding from the customer’s point of view
  • Displaying proper interest in what the customer has to say
  • Coming across as friendly and helpful with a warm tone in your voice

Attracting Future Possible Sales

Customers will be thoroughly impressed if they get the feeling that the company they are dealing with is not just out to get their money, but that the company displays a real interest in them as individuals. This in itself will ensure a long term relationship is formed.

Attraction marketing is very real and it often starts with companies handling preliminary queries in a professional way without making the customer feel that they are unimportant and a waste of time. Just how the customer gets treated can do a lot to ensure future sales and telephone training is essential to the continued existence of any company.


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