HBO’s HBO Go app update for the iOS

With intuitive updates for AirPlay integration and multitasking functions, HBO’s HBO Go app for the iOS heralds more immersed features for the brand’s hit “Game of Thrones” series.

Rolling out HBO Go Version 2.1, the new update allows iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch unit users the capacity to easily stream content through their devices via AirPlay, which can be run as a background running task, not inhibiting a mobile’s basic functions as a communications device.

The update also features immersed interactive content pertaining to the “Game of Thrones” series, including special content focusing on its characters and the series production as a whole.

Also boasting app-hardware performance updates, the new HBO Go app maintains the established features and highlights of the suite, providing users access to immersed programing content, including access to documentaries, shows, comedy specials and more.

The HBO Go app falls in line with the functional premise of Cinemax’s MAX Go app, which comes as a worthy complementary application for HBO and Cinemax subscribers.

In bridging the entertainment highlights of the HBO and Cinemax Channels, the applications are positioned as enhanced functional feature options which channel subscribers could easily use with their mobile devices.

With the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch’s capacity for enhanced and interactive entertainment features and functions, iDevice users are advised to download and install the new HBO Go app into their devices.

“Game of Thrones” fans are bound to find a lot to love about the new HBO Go.

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