Help Reduce Global Warming, Get a Lyft on Your iPhone

Most people have the luxury to drive around town with their cool rides. But there are some who don’t or can’t because they’re too young to have one or it’s not available at the moment. Two years ago, this is an opportunity for the taxi cabs, but nowadays, this is often not the case anymore!

Many people with friends, who have friends, who also have friends with a ride, can now get their friends’ friends’ friends for a ride. Lyft, the transportation network company is now making this fun, cost-efficient, and eco-friendly service available with a touch of a finger. You can install it as your app and it’s even more convenient than calling a taxi cab. Lyft is simply, your friend with a car.


With Lyft, here are your benefits:

Safety and Security: All Lyft drivers are checked for criminal background, zero drug and alcohol tolerance policy, personal interviews from Lyft, constant vehicle inspections, photo availability of the car and the driver upon booking. Additionally, you can even monitor the car on the app’s real time map as it approaches, and rate your driver for his/her promotion or discontinuation of the service.

Comfort: You sit on the front seat , which means, free phone charging and music selection.

Availability: Lyft drivers are available 24/7.

More savings: Many users have testified that it costs less than getting a cab. It’s also convenient since payments are made through credit cards which are processed on the app.

Your share of preserving mother nature: From carpooling to ride sharing, you don’t only save money and gas, you save mama nature too!

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