How Philips’ W6618 beats the iPhone

The iPhone, without a doubt, remains to be one of the best selling smartphone options in the world, consistently earning a top spot in countless smart device rankings and comparison charts. From the first gen iPhone to the current iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C line, the model continues to capture the fancies of electronic consumers in different parts of the world.

But as solid standing as the iPhone’s stature is, there are a number of less costly smartphones that actually beats it in terms of overall performance.

Philips’ mid-range class W6618 smartphone would be one, whose battery performance highlights beats the iPhone’s by a mile.

Philips W6618

Powered by a 1.3 GHz quad-core processor, the Philips W6618 is powered by a truly robust 5300 mAh battery, and is announced by Philips to come with a standby time factor that could last for up to 66 days – more than two months.

Sporting a 5 inch size quarter HD screen, the W6618 comes with 1 gig of RAM, with a body thickness that measures 11.6mm.

Though its physical thickness and internal hardware specifications are a far cry from the features nestled within the iPhone 5S or the iPhone 5C, its impressive battery lifespan is really something worth mentioning, considering how today’s average smartphone’s batter works within one work day-long standard.

Simply put, while the W6618’s hardware components are not as “advanced” as the iPhone’s, it readily beats Apple’s smartphone line with its internal battery power features.

Think you can actually give up for iPhone for Philips’ W6618?

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