How to Change Your iPhone’s SMS Tone

Given the popularity of the iPhone as a mobile, it’s no wonder why iPhone users are constantly configuring and customizing iPhone units to suit specifications and personal quirks.

From installing third-party apps designed to personalize customized themes, to purchasing unique iPhone cases with colors and forms which iPhone users feel are complementary with their personalities, there are a lot of ways in which an iPhone user can put in bits and pieces of himself/herself into their mobiles, apart from building up a collection of contacts and photos.

Changing an iPhone’s SMS or Text Message tone is another popular mode of iPhone customization.

Here is an easy step by step guide on how non-jailbroken iPhone users could easily change and/or customize their iPhone’s SMS tone.

1. Go to your iPhone’s “Settings” menu, then tap on the “Sounds” tab which is found somewhere near the iPhone’s “Brightness” settings option menu.

2. Once in “Sounds”, you will find all of your iPhone’s sound options covering all the alerts-related sounds linked with your mobile. Options to activate or deactivate your iPhone’s Vibrate alert can also be found here. Below the “Ringtone” option, you’ll find the “Text Tone” option.

3. From here you’ll be able to pick a custom ring tone for SMS, by simply checking the tone which you want to utilize. You’ll be able to hear a “preview” of each tone, which would include default SMS tones like Anticipate, Bloom, Calypso, Fanfare, Noir and Sherwood Forest. By default, most iPhones come with no defined SMS tone, thus the reason why most iPhone users get confused with the silence of their mobiles with Text Messages when they were first used.

4. As an added plus, you can also tap on the “Buy More Tunes” option at the top of the menu, which would lead you to iTunes where you can find a huge repository of text sound selections for your picking. Costing just over a dollar for each tone, you’ll surely find the right SMS tone that suits you best.

So there you have it! Easy steps to follow in customizing your non-jailbroken iPhone’s SMS Tones.

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