How to extend your iPhone 5’s battery life with Morphie’s Juice Pack Helium

In response to the now-proliferation of Apple’s latest iPhone model in electronic consumer circles, Morphie recently announced the availability of the new Morphie Juice Pack Helium, a battery-case made to accommodate the larger-sized iPhone 5.

Available for pre-sale via Morphie’s website, the battery-case is noted to be 13% thinner than any of Morphie’s offered battery-cases, made to afford iPhone 5 user with up to 80% more battery power than using its built-in battery.

How to extend your iPhone 5’s battery life with Morphie’s Juice Pack Helium
With the battery-case, iPhone 5 users are essentially afforded with a total of 3000mAh worth of battery power, combined with the iPhone 5’s built-in battery.

Elegant in its overall looks and compact in its general form, the case also comes with microUSB charging capacities, which can be used in either charging the battery-case’s batteries and the iPhone 5’s.

It is also built with an LED power indicator, along with a standby switch which greatly affords its users with an edge when it comes to actually using their iPhone 5 handsets.

Available in two color tone variants, the metallic version of the battery case is slated to roll out by February 25, while its lighter-hued silver-metallic variant is noted to be shipped by March this year.

As Morphie has built a reputation for releasing quality battery-cases for the iPhone in the past, the self-same build and functionality factors which had put the brand on the map can be found in the new Morphie Juice Pack Helium for the iPhone 5, allowing iPhone 5 users that extra umph with where battery life and their handsets are concerned.

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