How to Get Your iPad Ready for Work

Sure, making your i-tablet an extension of your work can have its practical reasons. Lightweight enough as a carry around, you’ll easily breeze through a mall or a train keeping the device in hand – devoid of thievery, of course.

But getting your fave tablet ready for work is not just a matter of lip service like saying ABRACADABRA for it to happen. True. You’ve got to equip your device right. Especially if your company employs a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy. Having access to important documents for instance, while in your commute can be liberating – to say the least.
Here are 5 key points that should get your iPad ready to get more of the work done.

1. Get a Bluetooth keyboard.

When you’re facing deadlines left and right, getting your typing done via an iPad is next to impossible. It’s a no brainer. Getting a Bluetooth keyboard can speed things up like no other. It can cost you those extra burgers but it sure is worth the investment.

Or better yet, get an iPad mini keyboard case. Not only do you get a physical keyboard, you obtain extra protection for your i-tablet. Plus it’s definitely a great add-on when watching videos or the latest addition to Breaking Bad. In short, it’s 3-in-1. Protection. Keyboard. Stand.

2. Make sure you install GoToMyPC.

This one should be standard. It would be very hard for you to work on those documents on your PC if all you’re relying upon is data transfer via USB (or worse CD). Installing GoToMyPC transforms your i-tablet into a certified workstation by giving you access to your PC files. Chances are, you’d be surprised at how much work can end up done while away from your workstation.

The downside is you’ll have to lose about $20 on a monthly basis. But that is peanuts considering the convenience this app can give you. And the possible promotion.

3. Get iWork to work for you.

This suite, iWork, is Apple’s answer to Microsoft Office, which is still rumored to be launched for iPad. With iWork, your office apps can be easily accessed using iCloud, nixing the need for a DropBox for syncing.

4. Maximize on Google Drive and other Note-taking apps.

Ok. Google Drive’s free so that alone can be a great advantage. It allows you to access your files via the cloud so you can work on your documents from your iPad or any device for that matter. Granting your needs are below those of a full Office-type suite, of course.

And if you want to have easy access on key topics that you have been reading you should get Evernote. That should get you the resource you need in time (e.g., images, video, audio, text). For larger text requirements you may have to get GoodReader ($4.99) to satisfy your needs.

5. Put on key business apps.

Depending on your work (i.e., HR, sourcing, design), you may have to access shareable key documents. For instance, Smartsheet app, an iPad app, is an ever-popular collaboration software that gets you to access every task management data while on the go.

Another example is the Concur app. This allows you to monitor business expenses just by taking photos of receipts given to you or any member of your team.

Now, you can do the tinkering while to and fro work, making it easier for you to do the talking when you’re in front of your boss.

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