How to Have 6 Pack Abs Fast

Quite easily, it has since become the ‘symbol of the dominant male’ of today: the “alphaness” of the Alpha Male. Yes, we’re talking about those eye-catching, chiseled stomachs of men. That which make the ladies swoon and draws envy from the hearts of other men(born of lesser gods, so to speak). The ever-flaunted, ever-talked-about 6 pack abs.

So how does one get about it and get the job done? Let us present to you various forms of exercise that have proven to be most effective in sculpting that perfect mid-section for you. For best results, we strongly advocate you employ a notebook to keep things on track. Of course, a personal fitness coach would be a gift second to none.
A little reminder though. These sets and reps are definitely not a walk in the park. Yes, you may still enjoy all those fun-centric gadgets (e.g., iPad on a suitable iPad keyboard case). First things first though. Do pleasure last. You won’t cut that figure unless you are willing to push yourself. And that’s the simple, plain truth.

1. Sit-ups. It is best you observe doing this exercise right. Do it slowly at first to get the form right.

Put your feet on the floor as you lie. Cross your hands on your chest and keep those knees up. You can wedge your feet unto something heavy or be assisted by somebody to hold them down. Now, sit yourself up all the way. Remember to lift your lower back together with those shoulder blades. The secret is to keep your back straight. Lower yourself to the original position. Repeat.

Sit-ups are a good start. As you progress, you may choose to use weights. You can do this by holding weights, putting them firmly on your chest. Additionally, you can use an inclined bench as an added challenge.

2. Butt-ups. Put yourself in a push-up position but with your limbs (i.e., forearms and elbows) on the floor. Now, lift your butt forming a mountain in the process with your butt as the peak. Bring your butt down making sure you don’t sag your back below the hips. Repeat.

3. Jackknife sit-ups. This motion becomes easy once you get to do them more. Start by lying on your back with your hands placed on the ground to your sides for added balance. Raise your torso and knees simultaneously so that your face and your knees meet on a line (imaginary) extending from pelvis to ceiling. At its peak, you knees should be able to meet your lips.

4. Leg lifts. This sounds easy but hardly is (granting you do them right). Again, start with lying on the floor. Legs should be straightened out and hands placed at your sides. Lift your legs putting them straight up as close to a 90 degree angle as possible. Lower without your legs touching the floor. Repeat.

5. Crunches. Again lie on the floor. Your arms should be in front of your chest. Position your hands near your temple. Bend those knees. Using but your abdominal muscle, raise those shoulders targeting your knees in the process. Careful to lift your entire back off that floor so as not to cause back strain.

Building real great abs is possible with consistency. However it is important to note the biggest job of your abdominal muscle is not to curl you up into a ball like a porcupine but to support your correct posture – with your back muscles in tow. In this regard, deadlift and squats can work magic as they put extra strain on your entire core.

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