How to install custom ringtones to your iPhone

Gone are the days when iPhone users had to jailbreak their phones just to install custom ringtones, what with the recent updated versions of iOS and iTunes.

If you’ve long wanted to add your own custom tone to your mobile device, here’s a quick step by step how to guide.

Understanding how your iPhone and iTunes work together – By now, you’re well aware of how iTunes and how iPhones work hand in hand like a wink and a smile, each developed to complement each other’s data synchronization-specific needs.

More than just functional for keeping playlists and music archives in check, you can actually use iTunes to sync ringtones to and from your iPhone.


The conversion and synchronization process – At its most basic, you can begin installing your custom tone by picking out the audio file you wish to use in iTunes.

Using the suite’s built-in conversion system (accessible via “Get Info” for Mac users or “Properties” for Windows users), you can create a custom tone by clicking on the “options” tab, which would then lead you to a “start time” and “stop time’ selection base.

You can then set a 40 second interval which would constitute your custom tone, which you should convert to an acc file.

After getting your converted acc file, rename the file into a “m4a” or “m4r” file, and add it to your iTunes’ collection of “Ringtones”.

Synchronize your iPhone with iTunes (ensure that you’ve enabled Sync for Tones) and your custom ringtone will be included in your selectable list of ringtones.

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