How to learn russian new "app" help you in that

The most common language in the world is English no one can deny that but also we cant let other languages its some times could be same important and be sure you will need them one day in important situation

,i have a friend thinks that he met his dream girl when he saw her he know that she is the one who he want to spend all his life with and when he took his step and decide to talk with her face a problem that she is only talk Russian and now he needs to communicate with her the chance come just once in the life  when he told me about that and he needs help i found the situation really deserve to know Russian and now we offer him and all of you the best solution in that its expensive app but easy and important too and so effective in 4 apps

Rosetta stone version 4 includes an option for a subscription to TOTALe which allows access to their iOS companion apps ,total companion for free iTunes link and total HD companion between 180$-380$ for the PC software and between 10-25 $ monthly for the TOTALe subscription

The second app is about learning Russian vocabulary its learn you 10 new Russian words daily with audio pronunciation plus that you will find quizzes and exams mange you to practice every time on your words to fix them in your mind its 9.99 $ MyWords - Learn Russian Vocabulary - Innovative Language Learning, LLC

The 3rd app is learning you the the different alphabet and comparing it with English alphabet with audio pronunciation its 1.99 $ Russian Alphabet + Audio - Proffitt Ink

the 4th one is Speak easy Russian for iPhone and iPad teaches 650 spoken and phonetically written words and expressions this app will make big difrance with you and will put you on the way to be profissional in the future its 3.99 $ SpeakEasy Russian - Benjamin McDowell

Be with us we will help you and my friend to learn many other important languages

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