How to Make the Most of Google Drive

It’s no secret Google Drive rocks. With 15GB extra storage right for the taking, it could be the “King of Cloud Storage” in no time. And that’s just for starters.

Come to think of it, Google Drive is more than just your poster boy for cloud storage. Even with its huge initial offering. Though quite understandably, all that talk about adding space to your device – a widely-popular Android smartphone perhaps or a gorgeous iPad lodged on its sleek iPad keyboard case – is bound to mislead people. One way or the other.
Truly, there is more to Google Drive than being just another dumping ground for your data. And you’re about to find out why. Read on:

1. Sync work documents.

This one can be done both on your Mac or a PC. With this feature Google Drive creates a folder in your workstation just like Dropbox. In a way, this may be called Google-Drive-does-Dropbox feature. So you may access your files in a folder on your PC even without accessing it via web. Assuming you’re logged into the internet.

2. Save to your Google Drive directly while surfing the web.

To activate this feature, you have to utilize Chrome when surfing the web. Install the Save to Drive extension from Chrome and you’re good to go.

In a way, this handy tool reminds us of the cool Clip to Evernote feature of the Evernote team. So this time it’s Google-Drive-does-Evernote.

3. Work from within the document.

With Google Drive, collaboration is at its highest. You don’t have to email to and fro to communicate to your team about needed changes you need to make or the direction of your project concerning the document on hand, for instance. You can work with your collaborator and communicate with him. Just click his name at the top of the document to go into chat mode. Don’t worry, the conversation stays intact together with the file.

4. Connect your documents to your social media.

Sharing your document to your fave social network site is easy. Just click the share button on your upper right corner. FB, Twitter, Googe + or Gmail, not a problem.

5. Maximize with Apps.

There are plenty of apps that can sure make your events more exciting. Cafepress, for one, can help you come up with those designs for shirts and mugs from Google Drive. Another possibility is the Spreadshirt Designer for Google Drive. On one end, you can even fax that Google Drive document via the HelloFax app from within the document.

6. Go over that language barrier.

It’s official. Early in 2013 Google added 18 new languages as a measure of support for all people worldwide, making over 65 languages available to you and me. To activaet, just go to the Settings tab and click General.

7. Search Gmail and/or Google Docs.

Chances are, you’re also using Gmail as your primary email account. With a quick tweak you can search Google Docs from Gmail. Just hit the Gear icon, then choose Settings. Subsequently, click on the Labs tab and toggle the Apps Search option.

8. Search by person.

Sometimes, you can’t remember the document that you were collaborating with but can recall the person you work with the document. No problem. Do a search by person. Just click on the Shared with Me button and put your collaborator’s name in the space provided.

9. Have some scripts.

If you want to get some scripts going. Google Apps Script will not disappoint you. This is timely when you work with spreadsheets for instance.

10. Bridge the gap.

Well, here’s something interesting. Google just recently bought the popular app Quickoffice for Android and iOS. This is good if you are working with peers who are not into Google Drive, for instance. Quickoffice works well with Microsoft documents while at the same time presents an easy transition to Google Drive.

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