How to Maximize Your Tablet Use

If you’ve bought your tablet just to check on those emails, then you could be severely limiting your device, not to mention your life. And whether you’re into a Steve Job creation (along with its iconic iPad mini keyboard case) or you’re leaning towards the Android kind, chances are you would want to maximize on your tablet use.

After all, it’s but wise to make the most out of a tech device that has pushed you to lose some of those precious savings, if not plenty of time queuing up.
Here are 5 ways you could get your fave tablet to work and add value to your everyday life.

1. Use it as a phone.

Surprised? Yes, though your smartphone may have been designed to do that call, the bigger tablet can too. And could even get you to do international calls without shedding a penny or a dime. Apps like Skype can let you not only talk face-to-face but also do voice-chat or do a traditional chat with absolutely no charge. The only requirement is for your tablet to have wi-fi access or to utilize a data plan. However, contacting numbers supported by telcos may carry extra cost for you. So be warned.

Compared to the smaller stature of smartphones, tablets provide a bigger real estate and therefore a more palatable graphic experience. In turn, your dialogues appear all the more realistic.

Another option for you to talk to someone is to utilize VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) networks, many of which are compatible with your fave device.

2. Make it your co-pilot and car radio as well.

With all the GPS-driven apps that you can avail (e.g., Google Maps), making your tablet a co-pilot can be so much fun it’s easy to forget the practical. As you cruise along on your 4×4 or your sedan or whatever vehicle you are wont to drive, you will realize that having an intelligent device advise you can be such a breathtaking experience. Not only do you get turn-by-turn updates, you can have vital info of your choosing as you drive (e.g., weather apps, news).

Added to this, music apps like Spotify and Pandora can easily capture the beats of your heart.

3. Make it your #1 Stress Reliever.

With a tablet, the world of meditation opens up to you like a genie in a bottle. You need not hire a personal trainer as you can have the urgings of a pro right in your car or in your bedroom.

Look into Meditation Oasis, for instance. You may not one who has seen the benefits of meditation or yoga for that matter, but given time you’ll see these will lead you to a calmer, more satisfying day every time.

4. Use it as a Second Screen.

You may not have done it but a second screen, that is a screen supporting your PC monitor at work, can save you loads of work. Right off the bat, this one will increase your productivity in no time. Granting you don’t use the second screen to watch a movie or dabble into Flabby Bird. Now that would be another story.

Keep your notes organized with Simplenote for instance. Apps like these keep vital information handy, ready when you need them. Or you can shoot an email fast without having to do away with work on your main screen.

5. Act as a Remote Control.

Well, for starters, a tablet as a remote control ain’t a bad idea as it is a lot easier to find. Just make sure you download the right app and your good to go. For instance, the TV sideview app is a great idea when talking about controlling any Sony Smart TV or any Sony Blu-ray player. Now the list of electronics you can control can end up pretty long fast (e.g., DVD, stereo systems, Blu-ray players).

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