How to: replace your iPhone’s back cover

Over its five generations, the iPhone has been criticized for many design flaws. One issue that is commonly brought up is the iPhone 4 having a glass backing. Other phone brands, including previous iPhone models typically use a plastic backing. Handled the wrong way or dropped, this sometimes fragile cover tends to crack and break. If your phone is out of warranty, replacing the cover is pretty easy – the biggest problem is finding the tools to do it.

iPhone 4 back cover replacement part kits can be found for extremely cheap. Make sure it comes with a tiny screw driver or you won’t be able to get it off. The iPhone uses two star shaped screws that are extremely tiny to secure the cover.

To remove the back cover, on the underside of the iPhone near the connector port look for two tiny screws. Unscrew them and slide the cover using an upwards motion. This will give you access to other things such as the battery as well. If you have older models, you can also order iPhone 3gs back cover replacement parts.
iPhone Back Cover
As the iPhone evolves, the design gets better and better. Starting with the iPhone 4, the sides were designed out of aluminum. The volume rocker and sleep button were all cast out of aluminum. However, many people were still not happy because of the physical use of buttons. Competitors such as Android are moving to a fully touch screen based phone and avoiding physical buttons. Touch screen buttons, unlike real ones do not wear out when pressed or shifted through a pocket.

With popularity always come complaints. There will always be people that are nitpicky about the products design. However, the ingenuity that’s gone into iPhones is fairly impressive and continues to improve. The latest iPhone release is not going to be exempt from this rule – possibly getting a larger 4” screen.

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