How To Save SHSH Blobs Of Old Firmware Running On Your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch Using iFaith1.3.1 (Tutorial)

Early today we posted that the famous iPhone hacker iH8sn0w has released iFaith 1.3.1 to save SHSH blobs of old firmware running on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch .And in this post a simple guide to how to use iFaith 1.3.1.

1-Download iFaith 1.3.1

2- Start the program and click on Dump SHSH Blobs button

3- Hit the Proceed button, followed by Let’s Go! until iFaith asks you to power off your device

4-Now iFaith will ask you to enter DFU mode. (Follow the instructions)

Now don’t do any thing iFaith will take care of the rest.

5-Now iFaith will ask you to choose a location to save the file.

After Click Save you will see this message.

Congratulations We are Done .