How to Send Messages that Self-destruct on iOS

Maybe you’re a fan of Mission Impossible and its quintessential star Thomas Cruise Maphother IV, more commonly-known as Tom Cruise. And you’d like to send messages that self-destruct. Oh! We don’t mean the blasting kind. We just mean messages that literally gets to disappear right before your eyes. Never to be seen again.

Or you belong to an ultra-secret society and wants to keep things on a short leash. Well, here’s an app that should give you the confidentiality you need. Whether it’s an iphone 5s or or it’s big brother, the iPad (propped up on a sleek iPad mini keyboard), this wonderful novel iOS app is sure to catch everyone’s attention. No offense Android fans. All in due time.
And yes, this app’s free-of-charge!

Introducing Confide

Labeled as Off-the-Record Messenger, Confide brings a twist to your usual messaging routine. Thank God for the change! Simply put, this app makes it possible for you to send messages that self-destruct to your circle of friends, your peers or whoever you deem appropriate.

With this app, you need not worry too much about the exact text in your message. There will be no traces of it in a span of minutes, or seconds depending on how things roll.

Go Off the Record

For starters, Confide uses your email contacts. Also, the app may utilize your Facebook contacts – family, friends, lovers found in your account. Through the app, you can send what amounts to an email message. Message sent is then encrypted. Consequently, recipient of the message gets notified of the incoming message.

Enjoying the app is easy. All you have to do is to go through the sign-up process – which incidentally requires but an email and a password. Of course, you will have to download the app to get started. With that covered, you may start your journey through the New World of Disappearing Messages!

Bombs Away

Now you may be thinking, well if the message can be read once, then I can have somebody take a photo of it. No can do. Messages sent can be read a word at a time only. You will have to swipe over each and every word to read the whole message. One words are read, they get covered up again. Intrigued?

How about screenshots? In this area, Confide does have this one covered too. Again, it’s a blank wall. As soon as your intentions of getting a screenshot is detected by the app, the message is junked, making it unavailable. But the app doesn’t stop there. Once you do a screenshot of a sent message, Confide – like a good ‘ole boy scout – notifies the sender of the “Screenshot” message.

You can push your luck as many are wont to do. But the most that you can screenshot is not more than 3 words. Yes, you heard us right. Three words.

If you are planning to read the message twice, think again. You have only one shot at making heads and tails of the message. One chance only, after which the message resides only in your mind, a faint memory that leaves absolutely no trace in your i-device.

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