How to Start Using Facebook Video Calls (Easy Steps)

As we Posted few minutes ago that Facebook launch a new service which is video calls powered by Skype , and this is a simple guide to how to set up and start using facebook video calls.

Follow this guide step by step , it is very simple :

1-You have to visit this link :

2Click on Get Start

3-Then Go your Friend list and start talking to him , you will see a camera logo on the top, Click on it


Go to any of your friends profile and you will see , a camera logo(Call) between Message and Poke , hit Call

4-Then Facebook will ask you to downlaod file , hit Save file

5When the download done, Run the file and just wait few moments


6- When the facebook finish the installation process go to your friend that you would to call him and do step 3 again

Now you are waiting for your friend to answer , but make sure that your friend made the same steps .

Congratulation now you can call your friend in video calls without any progarams , Enjoy !

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