HP TouchPad the iPad 2 new competitor and coast 399 $ [Photos]

May be it could the best iPad 2 competitor in the market the TouchPad from HP has many features wonderfull design and good software and hardware too its from HP that’s enough to know,

HP from the big electronics leaders in the market may be The ToucPad not successful as iPad 2 but it has the Elements to be good competitor to iPad 2 and the better thing its low price than iPad 2

All Things D’s Ina Fried reports:

If the $50 discount on the HP TouchPad wasn’t telling enough, the WebOS tablet is now being offered in a few spots for $100 or more below its original price.

Earlier this week I noticed the 32GB model at Costco for $479 — $120 off the standard $599 price. Then, a few minutes ago, while watching ABC’s “Modern Family,” I caught an HP TouchPad ad touting that the entry-level model is being offered for $399 — a Benjamin Franklin less than the original asking price.

The fine print of the TV spot does say it is a limited-time offer running Friday through Sunday, while the Costco deal appears to run only through Friday. It remains to be seen whether HP needs to make the price drop permanent in order to compete with the iPad and other tablets on the market.

here is some photos to it enjoy