Hulu Plus app is ready for Apple TV, delays seem to be political rather than technical

We have just hear that inside Apple they have Apple TVs that are running the Hulu Plus app natively. The app  is said to be complete and ready for use, in fact we hear that it has been ready for some time, like a month of so. We are now told that Apple has put the development of the app on hold.

There does not seem to be any technical problem with the Hulu Plus, so why does Apple not release the app? The answer to that question is that there seems to be some political issues attached. Inside Apple they seem to be concerned that the Hulu Plus is going to compete with the iTunes TV sales on the Apple TV.

Hulu Plus is available on the iPad and other iOS devices,however, you can’t AirPlay them to an Apple TV like Apple’s own iTunes videos. Also you can use an HDMI cable to watch the iOS Hulu Plus through an iPad on your HDTV.

Adding to the political problems, we heard recently that Hulu was trying to sell itself to players including Google, Apple’s competitor, but we did not hear of any sales as it seem no bids were high enough to complete the sale.

Hulu Plus was previously barred from all TV platforms, but it recently appeared in HD on the $59 Roku. So there is still hope, so no disappointments for Apple TV users.


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