iBooks Review – How to Save PDF Files in Your iPhones

As a mobile device, the iPhone isn’t just geared for enhanced mobile and online communication, digital entertainment and increased mobile internet browsing, but also stands as a nifty e-book reader, the very item for book lovers to have.

With iBooks being the iOS answer to popular e-book readers like the Nook and Kindle, iBooks adds more value to an iPhone, facilitating the easy management of book collections as well as the purchase of new books to add into a user’s digital library.

Though iBooks is designed to handle its “in-house” e-book file formats, it also comes with support for outside-iBooks files, with PDFs being one of them.

Here’s a quick look over how PDFs can be saved into iBooks.

The Sync Option

As with most iPhone data and handset management/upgrades, you can save PDFs into iBooks via the iPhone’s sync method, which utilizes a computer and the iPhone plugged together via data cable and utilizing the iTunes suite.

Of course, it has to be said that your iPhone should have the iBooks app installed.

In iTunes, you can access your book collection via the Library (found on the left-hand side panel in iTunes). From this panel, you will find the books you’ve downloaded into your iPhone, and it is here where you can drag-and-drop PDF files to and from your computer.

This is quite straightforward and fairly easy to do, and properly tagging PDF’s, according to author, book type (fiction or non-fiction) and genre is advised before syncing it to your iPhone via iTunes.

Proper tags would greatly help in organizing your book collections, greatly helping you manage your collections using your iPhone alone.

Alternative Modes

There are actually different modes in saving PDFs into iBooks, and one method takes shape in saving PDFs from Safari to the iBooks app.

When viewing PDFs in Safari, you will find an option for you to save the PDF in iBooks, and going for this would be a good move since iBooks is more inclined to view PDFs than Safari.

Once you’ve saved a PDF into iBooks, the PDF is automatically added into your collection, which you could manage via the computer-iPhone sync method, either to archive or delete the PDF altogether.

Do well in keeping these PDF-iBooks saving tricks, and you’ll be easily carrying your digital library with you in your iPhone wherever you go.

If you have other ways to save PDFs to your iPhone, please feel free to share them using the comments below.

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