iCab Mobile, a great browser for the iPad

There is a browser for the iPad has very good performance, is an old friend of the Mac OS X and now makes his landing in the iPhone OS, it is iCab Browser . On this occasion it was renamed Mobile iCab .

The main feature is the tabbed AVIGATION like Mac’s Safari it were a sufficient ground to prove, but also allows downloading files and installing add-ons .


Preferencias de iCab

Among browser plug-ins, features a plugin for Twitter (twitter directly to the link that we’re seeing), a translator engine usesGoogle’s translation , another to increase the size of the text, another to link with the service Instapaper (great ) and another called Black & White, used to invert the colors and better see the screen in place with lots of direct light. Although there are many more that can be downloaded via the application preferences.

You can import bookmarks from another browser, desktop, although of course you have to be on the same network and wireless access via URL (the browser favorites container should allow for this possibility).

Another option is to configure the behavior is to open pages (in the same tab, in another, etc..). It also allows access to sites like MobileMe, which as we all know we are not allowed to open from the IPAD and iPhone with Safari.

While allowing tabbed browsing is also interesting to see open formats pages to the “Speed ​​Dial” and to quickly access to everything we have open and preview your content. Another option you have is theprivate browsing , but yes, of course not allowed to receive links from other applications, they always open in Safari is the default browser. And many more interesting options that you would be too long to get reviewing, I recommend you take a look at your options so you can see the large number of preferences that have this application.

Overall guys, this is a very complete browser, with plenty of options and being practically a lot of options dipsonibles in a desktop browser on the platform iPhone OS .


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