iCade slip on NES like controller for the iPhone

It’s pretty clear to me that gaming’s future is going to be heavily focused around mobility.  Portable gaming players such as the Nintendo DS have been popular, but their need is shrinking.  Slowly smart phones are replacing the handheld gaming market and will eventually have enough graphics power to top dedicated gaming consoles.  However, for now iCade is a cool Bluetooth attachment for your iPhone that gives you a Super Nintendo feel.

iCade is a cool new gadget that slips right over your iPhone.  It has no docking connector or wires, it runs off of Bluetooth.  It has the standard up, down, left, right arrows as well as four additional buttons.  iCade is perfect for those who like to play NES or N64 roms on their iPhone.


Smart phones have had one downside when it comes to gaming and that’s touch screen.  While ideal for controlling web browsing, touch screens make gaming next to impossible.  As these slip on controllers get more popular, it’s one step closer to smart phones dominating the gaming industry.  We’ve previously seen prototypes of such devices on KickStarter for Android phones such as the Galaxy Skyrocket, (Go to this page to learn more about Androids) but this appears to be the best one available for the iPhone.

With the user base of smart phones rising, the need for dedicated gaming consoles is slowly coming to an end.  In 2014 a smart phone’s graphics will far surpass those of the Xbox 360, currently one of the best gaming consoles available.  In as little as one year or even less, they will be on par with the Xbox 360.  In the future, I believe smart phones will directly hook up to your TV and provide an experience that is on par with their console counterparts.

One thing is for sure, these slip on controllers are awesome for avid iPhone gamers.  They’re relatively low priced and extremely portable.  They take iPhone gaming to a whole new level that was previously not seen before.

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