iCloud goes live internationaly

When the iCloud was first announced in June this year in the U.S. users were able to store music they had on their iTunes in the Cloud. This meant that the users could store music they had previously bought from iTunes in the cloud to be able to get it at a later time. This meant that they only needed to buy the music once and then they could save it on all their devices using the cloud.

As users in the U.S. are still waiting for the iCloud service to be launched today, we have received reports from Canada and the U.K stating that the iCloud has already become live for them in those countries. We are still unsure if there are any other countries have the iCloud or not yet. However, our sources have told us that the iCloud is now also live in Australia, France, Ireland, Mexico, Netherlands, and Spain.

The changed that have been made as you can see in the image above is that there is now a “Purchased” button where the user will be offered access to the iCloud for all their purchased music and videos off the iTunes Store. They could also set it to be saved to the iCloud directly so that it automatically appears on other devices straight away. The files are stored to all devices that use that users particular account.

We poster a few weeks back that Apple are trying to secure international iCloud music rights, this was followed by sources indicating that Apple had indeed have secured the agreement.

Via Macrumors

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