iMessage glitch filters a number of words (like “surprise” and “Obama”)

The Verge reports that a glitch in Apple’s iMessage messaging application suite has resulted to the deletion or filtering of certain words, particularly the last word of a composed message.

iMessage glitch filtersAmong the words being cited to be filtered are “surprise”, with the report indicating that a message “The best prize is a surprise” would read “The best prize is a”. The report also notes that a message that reads “I could be the next Obama” would read “I could be the next”.

Using the word “Obama” in the middle of a message doesn’t seem to be affected by this glitch.

Reportedly, the words being filtered would appear to read as how its author would want it, until it is sent, where the two words would go missing. Also, the said glitch only happens when a message is sent to another iPhone mobile as an iMessage.

In the past, the OS X platform exhibited certain bugs, one which led to a number of Mac-based applications to crash, flowing after a given number of input keyboard commands, but a fix has since been rolled out to address the bug.

According to the report, The Verge had contacted Apple to comment on the issue, but the Cupertino-based company has yet issued a statement regarding it, let alone announced a fix for its prevalence.

Considering that the word “Obama” in involved in the glitch, news of its prevalence has quickly spread online, with different speculations questioning if it truly is a glitch or something else altogether.

What do you think? Think it really is a glitch?

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