Incredible success in sales of iPhone 3G …!

No, its not a bug, not a story about two years ago, if not this week.

According to AT & T, they plan to offer the device free with a two year plan, which of course has caused a demand for the iPhone 3G and has been described as “tremendous.” Although it is a smartphone that could work for the most demanding (and two new generations have come out since its launch, which in this world means a lot), those who have always wanted an affordable smartphone and want to enter the Apple “market” and the same time wanted an Apple phone, this could be your time to at last fulfill their expectations with the iPhone 3G.

Demand has been so much such that the model’s have been sold out, claims its CEO Ralph de la Vega, who considers this as a very promising market for smartphones. The company announced earlier this week, that it had activated 2.7 million iPhones of which over one million of them was the iPhone 4S during the first five days of being on sale.

So many times we peculated that Apple would release a cheaper iPhone with annual renewal and when in reality the truth is that it has not only one, not two, not three models working perfectly in terms of sales and for virtually all types pockets …

Good move!

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