Instagram’s Terms of Service takes effect

The Verge reports that Instagram’s new Terms of Service – the one that’s been the subject of piqued interests and controversy recently – went into effect last Friday, essentially paving the way for what many have described as an exodus from Instagram itself.

The blunt of the “controversy” in Instagram’s new Terms of Service can be summed up in its position that by using the service, Instagram holds he right to use whatever photos are uploaded for whatever advertising-inclined purpose Instragram has.

Instagram's new (and old) terms of service go into effect today
Understandably, this didn’t fit well with Instagram users, which eventually led its founder, Kevin Systrom, in saying: “Instagram has no intention of selling your photos, and we never did.”

A new variant of its Terms of Service now indicates that “specific details as to when and how Instagram may use your photos in ads have been replaced with the older”.

The new conditions essentially allows Instagram to share its information pool with Facebook, its mother company, which is reported to back Facebook’s new service in Facebook’s Graph Search.

But as the “controversy” over its new terms of service had already caused a spark, a lot of questions delving into the continued use of the service had ensued, leaving many to wonder if Instagram is still worth it, or are the featured upsides of Instagram alternatives more practical.

With Instagram’s success, countless iOS device users have found its services to be quite engaging, a status that is backed by the fact that Facebook was quick in taking it for itself.

What say you Instagram user? Will you still be sharing your pics via the service or will Instagram alternatives be your next course of action?

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