How To Install Jailbreak Widgets To iOS 5 Notification Center (VIDEO)

Have you jailbreak your iOS 5. If so, you have  to install some amazing widgets and add them to your new iOS 5 notification center. Follow our  easy steps to arrange what widgets to appear.

CydiaHelp have made a quick video guide .

What can be added to iOS 5 notification center? Well, there are a lot of tweaks. The most important one is the SBSettings (it’s the one shown in the video) and there are some other widgets found on Cydia as PowerCenter, SlideCenter, OmniStat and more.

Once you download a widget from Cydia, you’ll need to follow these steps:

STEP 1: Hit on Settings, Notifications then scroll down then click on installed widget.

STEP 2:Select your widget and enable it.

STEP 3: Hit on Edit then slide put your widget with those widgets in the notification center. Put it in the suitable arrangement.

STEP 4: Hit save and then check it

Here’s the Video to make it easier :

What do you think about that ? Interesting right ? Wait for more awesome tweaks on iOS 5.

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