Integral Apple Services and Development Facilities rumored to move to China

A report featured in BrightWire this week has sparked a new rumor revolving around Apple, not talking about what the Cupertino-based brand has in store in terms of device releases and unveilings, but rather touching up on an alleged relocation of Apple’s integral services and development facilities to China.

The report cites the Chinese-language Tencent as its source, indicating that Apple is allegedly making them move of relocating a number of its iTunes and App Store servers into China, one that is rooted on offering better services to the Asian market.


Apart from the “server move”, rumors also talk about Apple’s plans of developing an R&D arm in the region.

Apple CEO Tim Cook recently went to China, with his visit’s agenda including a meeting with Miao Wei, China’s head of industry and information technology. The meeting is reported to touch up on discussion between Apple and the mobile communications business in the region.

The rumors of Apple’s plans of moving some of its integral services and development facilities to China is alleged to have been discussed during the said meeting, with Apple alleged to set up data centers either in inner Mongolia or in the Zhangjiakou, Hebei Province.

The rumor doesn’t talk about where Apple’s R&D facility would be based in the region, should it prove to be accurate.

As Asia is undeniably becoming strong with its buying power for electronic consumer devices, the recent string of Apple rumors doesn’t come a strange.

As it is, it appears we’ll have to wait and see if any of the rumors mentioned here would prove to be true.

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